Saturday, May 19, 2007

Grand opening - Digital Origami with Chris Bosse & UTS architecture students

WOW!! It was a great and successful opening. Thanks to many visitors and many special thanks to Chris Bosse& my UTS friends (Sam, Eunsung,Yan, Zaharr, Harry, Jess, Ciara, Natalie, Phillip, Ali, Andrew etc) who worked really hard for this project. Good labor experience but once is enough:-)!!The project management was not organised very well upto this point. It will be another good lesson for everybody for a future project. I sold the molecule shape brochures for $5 each, it ended up almost $115. Good(?) contribution to some student's parking fine. There are more pictures from the opening.
Ah, James family was there at the gallery today. They also helped me to carry away the cardboard rubbish stuff even though they were there as guests. Many thanks to them. Mwah!!


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